Because getting the best start to life is so important we are pleased to be able to offer a Handling Program.  This Program caters for not only weanlings but young horses as well (i.e. yearlings).  We offer both weaning and handling, or standalone handling services; giving your young horse the best start to life and setting it up for the future!  Our Handling Program is outlined below. 

Scott takes into account the horses need for self-preservation and their need to feel safe, comfortable and confident with their surroundings through giving your young horse the leadership they need while being fair and consistent.  During your young horse’s stay with us Scott will work on getting him/her familiar, confident and trusting about being handled by humans; including:


-   Weaning (if required);

-   Catching and haltering;

-   Leading;

-   Tying up;

-   Handling, touching and brushing all over;

-   Picking up and handling all legs and hooves;;

-   Putting a cover put on/off and wearing;

-   Understanding how to send on a circle, back up and move sideways;

-   Hosing of legs (or full body if you choose and weather allows);

-   Loading on and off float and being relaxed while stating in float.  Please note: We do not move/travel your young horse; we leave this up to the individual owner (and recommend that you bring an older horse who travels well for company when moving your young horse particularly if it hasn't been floated before/had minimal floating experience).


We require owners to come for at least one hand-over session prior to the young horse going home (unless distance deems this too difficult). This is to ensure that Scott can explain to you and demonstrate what he has been doing with the horse as well as guiding you through how to do things yourself.  This also ensures that everyone is 100% happy with where the young horse is at before it goes home.



Young horses are required to be at our facility for a minimum of ten days handling - this allows Scott enough time to be able to work through the Program Outline (detailed above).  The young horses are usually worked Monday to Friday (and have Saturday/Sunday off).  We welcome discussion and are flexible about your horse staying on for extra days if you/Scott feel this would be beneficial.  It is common for people to opt for additional hand-over sessions which is beneficial to both you and the young horse.




We encourage all owners to be involved – you are welcome to watch one or two sessions of Scott working with your young horse each week.  Just let us know days/times that suit and we’ll get you booked in to visit!  We provide a detailed email update on day 3 or 4 and you are also, of course, welcome to phone or email for further updates on how things are going.  You are also, of course, welcome to phone or email for updates on how things are going.  As mentioned above, we require owners to come for at least one hand-over session prior to the young horse going home.




Our facility is located at 770 Downs Road, West Eyreton (North Canterbury).  Your young horse’s safety during its stay at our facility is of the upmost importance to us and we have therefore chosen to fence the facility with Gallagher Equifence (as well as a small amount of post and rail).  Gallagher Equifence is a highly visible electric fence system which has a large diameter, smooth coating which minimises the risk of injury to a horse should it come into contact with it.  We also have a roundpen (with two attached yards) and a fully-fenced 60x20m arena (also with attached yard).  This all combined creates a safe facility to ensure the risk of your young horse being injured during its stay with us is kept to an absolute minimum and they are therefore kept as safe as possible.

Depending on how much/how little handing your young horse will have will depend on where it is kept (especially for the first few days). If unhandled or had minimal handling young horses will usually begin in the yards or roundpen then graduate to the arena then paddock.  This is to ensure the risk of them being injured is kept to a minimum and they are therefore kept as safe as possible.  Your horse will normally have its own yard or paddock, but if unsettled, we will check if you are comfortable for it to be put with another horse to help settle.




As well as the handover session(s) we also provide free follow-up email/phone support once your young horse goes home.  There is also the opportunity to have on-going private lessons and/or attend Groundwork Clinics to help you continue your young horse’s education - this is immensely beneficial and we recommend this whenever possible. 




Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if any of the above requires clarification, if you have any questions/queries or would like to make a booking.  We can then provide details as to pricing and available spaces.