Dam:        Jubilee Lady Grace (Welsh)

Sire:         Arawa Giovanni (Welsh)

DOB:        04.11.2014

Height:    11.2hh

Colour:    Chestnut

Sex:         Gelding



We purchased Toby in early 2015.  He is a super cute wee man who is a pleasure to do everything with.  Michaela is starting him undersaddle, under Scott’s guidance, and had a couple of rides on him.  He has since been turned out but Michaela will being him back into work this Spring/Summer with the plan being for him to be Liam’s future pony.  




November 2018: Toby is currently spending his days grazing but that is all about to change soon!  Now Envy is underway Michaela will have more time to put into Toby and will re-commence starting him undersaddle soon. 

May 2019: Due to time constraints (and Michaela being a little too big to ride Toby properly!) the decision was made to send him to Charlotte Henshaw Equestrian to complete his start and get some riding miles in!  Charlotte is doing a wonderful job with Toby and he is going well!  He is entered in his first ODE towards the end of June! 

June 2019: We took Toby along to the Melwood Equestrian ODE; Charlotte rode Toby beautifully, he took everything in his stride and did so incredibly well given how green he was (and the fact he had never been to a show/even before - not even in-hand)!  He did a lovely dressage test and went clear in his showjumping round, he had a couple of stops in the cross-country just due to lacking a little confidence (to be expected!) but he did extremely well as we were all so very proud of him!!  A very big Thank You to Charlotte for her time and work with him!!

October 2019: We brought Toby back into work and he is now off on lease with a wonderful family with two children to share and enjoy him!  We can't wait to hear about the adventures he gets up to!


February 2020: We have been loving hearing the updates from Toby's family as to what he's getting up to!  The videos and photos of him have been such a joy to receive!  Toby has been hacking out all over the place getting some serious riding miles in and getting lots of attention which is absolutely fantastic!!  One very happy (and very lucky) pony!!

September 2020: After being away for a year, Toby is set to return home this month.  We are so very grateful to the family who have had him on lease for the care they have taken with him - it has been such a joy to see the updates and photos of him hacking about all over the place and getting lots of attention which has been wonderful - one very happy (and very lucky!) pony!!  Once Toby gets home we will begin slowly transitioning Liam from Gus to Toby when he feels ready.