We are a small, family run business located in Eyrewell Forest, North Canterbury.  We take immense pride in offering a specialised and professional service catering for all aspects of your horse's education requirements including handling, starting undersaddle, schooling and everything in between.  We also offer private lessons and run educational clinics which enables us to provide you with a complete and full range of personalised assistance, guidance and support.



Scott has been handling and starting horses undersaddle full-time for the public for 20 years, as well as running educational clinics throughout New Zealand.  Scott travelled to Europe in his early twenties and spent three years studying horsemanship and working with horses alongside some very knowledgeable horsemen.  Through this initial learning and Scott's subsequent years of experience working with all kinds of horses he has developed his own style and way of working with horses.  Scott enjoys dressage and has regular lessons with Bill Noble and Kirsty Schist to further his understanding of this discipline.  Scott is passionate about learning and is always looking to improve and develop his own knowledge, understanding and skills - this continual desire to learn and expand his own skillset not only assists the horses he works with but also those who attend his lessons and clinics.


Michaela runs the administration side of things - responding to emails, updating our Facebook page, scheduling all handling and starting undersaddle bookings, making lesson appointments and organising clinics.  Michaela has been riding horses since the age of seven and has competed in a number of disciplines including pony club, endurance riding and showing.  Michaela also works full-time as a Legal Assistant and enjoys riding her own horses and joining clinics when time allows.