Dam:        Rayjan Demelza (Arabian)

Sire:         CRA Sihr Shahrif (Arabian)

DOB:        18.10.2008

Height:    15.1hh

Colour:    Chestnut

Sex:         Gelding



Envy arrived to live with us in mid-July 2018 and is on life-time lease from Fiona and Simon McLachlan.  Scott started Envy undersaddle at the end of 2011; just weeks later Michaela rode him at Buck Brannaman’s Clinic, the Arabian National Championships, and then a Clinic with Dave Weaver.  Between 2012 and getting him back on lease he was sold on a couple of times and we lost contact with him until Fiona and Simon purchased him back and offered him to Michaela to lease.  He sadly ended up not going well undersaddle, lost confidence and ended up in not a great place emotionally.  The plan is for Scott to re-start him and then hand him over to Michaela; he will then become Michaela's main riding horse.  You can follow his progress via the updates below.  




September 2018: Since his arrival back with us Scott has been working on groundwork with Envy and has now had several rides on him.  Scott feels Envy is now at a place now where he is ready to be handed over to Michaela who will continue working with him under Scott’s close guidance. 


November 2018: We took Envy (and Jim) along to the CAHC All Breeds Show in Kirwee.  The show was a big ask for Envy given the limited amount of time/work we’ve done with him and what he has been through.  Michaela entered in some in-hand classes as a bit of arena familiarisation (his confidence still needs a lot of work), and then some ridden classes in the afternoon.  Keeping Envy in a good space mentally was hugely important to us (and Envy) which we managed to do which was such a highlight!  The ribbons and, in particular, the Reserve Champion undersaddle were the icing on the cake!  There is still a long way to go but he has come so far in the short space of time we’ve had him back and we are so very proud of him and excited about his future!


December 2018:  We took Envy to the JLT South Island Arabian Championships hosted by the Heartland Horse Alliance.  Michaela entered Envy in the ridden section where he was an absolute star!  Envy is a very real and true testament of how good horsemanship/this way of working with horses quite simply works… the results speak for themselves!!  From a horse that, according to his last TradeMe ad, couldn’t trot/canter a circle, he has now already gone out, competed and won not only South Island Novice Ridden Champion but also South Island Champion Ridden Male (Open)!  We sincerely hope that his story (which doesn’t stop here…!!) opens up people’s minds and makes people sit up and think... don’t judge or label a horse as ‘no good’ - it is your responsibility as an owner/rider to learn more, improve your feel/timing, seek out education to gain more knowledge that enables you to not only better understand your horse but improve and build on the horse’s confidence and allow them to reach their true potential.    Back under our care Envy is going from strength-to-strength - his confidence is being built back up, he is going kindly undersaddle, and is a lot happier and relaxed in himself in general!  There is still a lot to work on but that’s all part of the on-going journey and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of the progress he’s already made in such a short period of time!

November 2019: Michaela rode Envy on a three-day '5 Buttons of Flatwork' Clinic with Sue Edwards.  Sue is a fantastic teacher - her enthusiasm, passion and depth of knowledge is remarkable!!  The changes and progress Envy (and all the other horses!) made was almost unbelievable - Sue really helped break things down and made things easy to understand (for both horse and rider).  Michaela was so very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Sue and will definitely be booking to ride on her next Clinic towards the end of 2020!  We also entered Envy in his first Level 1 Dressage Test and were very happy with how he went!  Lots to work on and improve and we all learnt a lot but was great to get out there and get started!  Michaela is aiming to do more dressage days this Summer.

February 2020: We took Envy to the Canterbury All Arabian/South Island Arabian Championships (1 Feb) and NZ National Arabian Championships (2 Feb).  Throughout the entire weekend Envy was settled and relaxed, impeccably behaved and went beautifully undersaddle.  We couldn’t have asked any more of him and are immensely proud of the massive turn-around he has made in the past year and a half!!  It has been challenging at times but so very rewarding and fulfilling to have helped this special horse re-find his confidence!!  Over the two shows Envy was awarded: SI Champion Novice Purebred, SI Reserve Champion Open Purebred, NZ National Reserve Champion Ridden Novice Purebred, NZ National Reserve Champion Ridden Purebred Male (Open), NZ National Champion Paced & Mannered Purebred, NZ National Champion Working Arabian, and Gold Star Champion Purebred Gelding (Overall High Points).