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"Just thought I'd send a quick email following our Clinic this weekend.  It was so lovely to meet Scott and we had a lovely group of people at the Clinic - always a bonus!  I didn't quite know what to expect with one of Scott's Clinics - I just knew I wanted to attend one one day!  And I'm so glad I did - it was brilliant! ... It was our first time doing any real concentrated flatwork and definitely the first time in a lesson environment like that and I really enjoyed it.  Thank you to Scott for his patience with my blank faces and breaking things down to "put your leg there and your hand there" - my kind of tutorial!  I really like how Scott combines the horsemanship principles with the dressage principles.  I can see how they both intertwine with each other and will keep googling/researching and watching videos for more.  Thanks again for your organisation and communication all the way through." R Lincoln-Green


"I want to say a heartfelt thank you for such a nice weekend with great people, awesome complex and lots to think about.  It was my first time away with a horse and being in a group and I only have positive vibes about it.  LOVED it and appreciated Scott's sense of humour - I laughed a lot!  Thank you, thank you." S Holden 

"Thank you Scott and Michaela for such a fabulous weekend of fun and learning.  So happy to be learning and improving under your guidance.  Love how we are all at such different places in our journeys and needs yet you manage to cater for everyone and keep us challenged and making progress… Good times!" L Cooper

"I first met Scott and Michaela 4 years ago with a very feisty 2 yr old.  Rose and I have been to several clinics over the years, both ground work and now ridden, my wee horse is hot and very sensitive and have had trouble with her around new horses too and Scott has given me tricks to help deal with these issues and have learnt the importance of good groundwork with the youngsters. It has made a huge difference to my wee horse and I would definitely recommend these clinics :)" S Harris 


"Skye, my sensitive emotional mare and I were 10 months into our challenging partnership when we discovered Scott O’Malley and his inspiring horsemanship skills.  We attended a fantastic two day group clinic in which Scott took into account each person and their level of skill, their particular needs and their horses’ needs.  The whole weekend was totally inclusive and our personal outcome results spoke for themselves which assured me that we were on the right track.  To help with further educating both of us, we have also had a one on one session and attended a Groundwork Clinic, gaining further knowledge along the way and helping us on our rewarding journey.  Scott’s skill and understanding works in perfect harmony with our chosen discipline, he is true horseman and I can’t recommend him highly enough.  Thank you Scott, and thanks also to Michaela for all that you do behind the scenes, your organisation skills are impeccable." W Price 

“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your clinic this weekend just gone.  It was so good to be able to make some forward progress & get some tools in helping me deal with Muskett.  It was really awesome seeing everyone else and the results they all got as well, so much to learn from watching them all!   And I’d be definitely keen for another course.  Once again, thank you so much for the clinic – you’ve given me hope that I should persevere with him!!” T Roberts 


I just wanted to touch base after the clinic in the weekend which I really enjoyed.  Can you please let Scott know that I was impressed with his teaching.  He knew when to push people out of their comfort zones which was great to see and he also knew if someone didn't understand to change the way he was asking or teaching them. I'm a teacher by trade and sometimes I find it hard to learn because I just want to jump in and say try telling them in a different way or try breaking it down more.  It was so nice to be taught by someone who can actually teach.  It’s one thing to have the knowledge but it’s another thing being able to teach people!!  I enjoyed learning from a horseman that understands dressage too and someone that uses the 'english' terms rather than western... Thanks again so much for having these clinics.  Hopefully I get to go back to another one!." R MacBeth  

"My 10 year old daughter was part of the Clinic in Invercargill this past weekend.  She has come away with oodles of confidence and many more horse handling and riding skills.  Highly recommend."  - and -  "Kate improved on her dressage scores from 66% to 78% during the weekend.  We have a happy forward moving pony and happy rider now.  Can't thank Scott enough for making the Clinic easy for her to understand and very worthwhile."  L Stalker 

“I know you’re doing an album on horses you have broken in but what about horses you have helped to achieve their owner’s dreams.  Asha completed cavalcade last week like an old pro. Thanks to your help we climbed too heights of 1,800 meters and rode in the grand parade with 400 horses and she was perfect on loose rein most of the time.  Thanks for helping me.” J Fridd

"Fantastic 2 day clinic in Rotorua this weekend. Was the most novice rider with by far the oldest and least trained horse but we nailed a couple of new things and have plenty of others to work on. Scott was so inclusive of all abilities and skill levels, highly recommend him." J Allan 

"Would highly recommend Scott he was such an amazing teacher on the two day clinic in Dunedin really explained things well and everyone got a decent amount of one on one time. Scott made sure to ask what we all wanted to get from the clinic and every rider seemed to be very happy with the outcome.  Scott it was a pleasure I really appreciate everything I have learnt!"  N Mewes 

"Had such a good weekend at Scott’s clinic in Mosgiel. Wish I did it a year ago when I got my horse but I’ve learnt so much this weekend. It’s shown me that even though we aren’t western riders and I’m hoping to event my horse you still need to have the basic skills of good horsemanship and have your horse listening to you and your aids. I have learnt lots and come away with a lot more to work on and are very excited for what the future brings."  C Booth

"Thanks for coming to Invercargill and running your Clinic.  I learnt heaps and came away much more confident about riding my young horse.  Looking forward to when you come back again."  S Cleaver

"I attended the groundwork clinic in Blenheim last weekend with my two year old gelding. It was his first outing and Scott created an environment for that was safe and educational for both horse and handler.   We both left having learnt a lot and with smiles on our faces!  Thank you Scott a great day."  R Lawrence

"Really great couple of days. Picked up a lot of tools to work with my horse both on the ground and ridden. A lot of learning from watching others with their sticky spots too.  This was all delivered in a really casual friendly environment and nice to meet a neat group of people."  M Thomas