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“After starting my young horse undersaddle at Scott O’Malley Horsemanship I cannot recommend them highly enough!  They have both done an amazing job!  Michaela with her excellent communication skills on the computer, being kind and diplomatic and Scott with his knowledge and handling of Banjo.  I learnt so much from Scott, being able to visit and watch him working with Banjo and then being able to ride him at their safe facility which gave me so much more confidence for when he came home.  Thank you both!” H Turnball

"Could not be more grateful to Scott O’Malley Horsemanship for the amazing job Scott has done starting Archie. He is like a different horse to handle and is so relaxed about being ridden. Michaela and Scott were so great to deal with and letting me watch lots of sessions of Archie being worked. Look forward to future lessons and clinics. Shows that a great start to a young horse makes all the difference!!" S Thompson

"Highly recommend Scott. He has done an absolutely fantastic job with my horse that arrived at Scotts as a last resort... challenging, hard to handle, overpowering, disrespectful, colty, young warmblood gelding. He is home and is 1000 x better.  I can confidently handle him and he now has respect.  The communication from Scott and Michaela was second to none through the whole process.  Fantastic, safe facilities and care has been taken.  Wouldn’t go to anyone else. Thank you both so so much." J Murray


"I would totally recommend Scott for starting/handling your young horse.  Mishka was there at the most difficult time of Covid 19 and Scott and Michaela kept me very well informed of her progress with plenty of photos, videos, emails and phone calls.  Now Mishka is home I have found her to be awesome and safe to ride and have even been out for our first ride by ourselves up the road today even the odd car did not faze her." K Mouatt

"To say something is unbelievable is an understatement in relation to Scott O'Malley Horsemanship, this team is just that good. We entrusted our Clyde X Standardbred, Manny, to Scott & Michaela's care in mid-February 2020 to be started under saddle.  Manny was a challenge to handle and we wanted to ensure he had every opportunity to become the horse we knew he was capable of being.  Scott took Manny under his wing and transformed him from being a strong paddock lawn mower into a fledgling riding horse. We were impressed with the scope of training that Manny received coupled with the open and honest weekly updates of progress. Manny is back home now and is flourishing (due to the lock down we are able to work with Manny daily, under Scott's tutelage, with the added bonus of a video conference call so Scott could see the methods we were using and assisting us when we got stuck) ensuring Manny's training was on track with how Scott had started him. I would highly recommend Scott O'Malley Horsemanship to start your horse under saddle, Scott's experience, training, skills, aptitude, knowledge, patience and application are what sets him apart and enables him to give you back the horse you never knew you had.  That is what is unbelievable, but true." S Box

"Best decision I could have ever made was sending Leo to Scott & Michaela for starting. I can’t thank them enough for the fantastic work they did.  Scott really gave him the best start possible, and I have a horse that enjoys his new job and is confident while being ridden and out exploring.  Communication throughout the whole process was fantastic.  Right from the initial booking, queries were always answered and well explained, and I really looked forward to receiving the weekly updates and photos while Scott was working with him.  I can’t wait to send my wee filly to Scott & Michaela for her turn to be started and go through this whole experience again!" M McCullum

"I would absolutely recommend Scott and Michaela if you are considering having a youngster handled or broken in.  Scott has done an exceptional job on my very sensitive and over reactive filly. She has come home a happy, calm and safe riding horse. Any doubts or questions I have had they have been more than happy to answer.  Scott and Michaela were very accommodating, went above and beyond. Nothing was an issue, I was kept well informed, and was welcome to bring my partner (who was missing his Belle cuddles) along to visit. He too was also very impressed on Belles training, condition of the property and the horses in Scott and Michaela's care.

I am now future proofing and growing with Belle and am looking forward to bringing her back for some of the clinics.  If you are considering having a horse broken in or handled by Scott - do it!  You won't have any regrets!S Miller 

"We are really happy with Kraken and how far he has come being started by Scott. Scott has done a fantastic job with him and he was not the easiest of horses due to being quite sensitive, in the wrong hands he could have been a very different horse. Scott and Michaela made is very easy with updates and willing to answer any questions and giving the time to go over everything and make sure you understand everything." H Young 

"Right from the get go I was really impressed with Scott and Michaela’s communication and information regarding starting my young horse under saddle.  Attending the Obstacle Clinic at the end of the five weeks my horse spent with Scott has given me the confidence to bring her home to begin the next exciting chapter of our journey!  Scott is a great practical teacher, who arms you with the skills to move forward as a team.  Thanks for all you have done for us Scott and Michaela, and we all appreciated your generosity in welcoming us into your home during the clinic!”​ C Innes 

"Fabulous communication!!!!  Open door policy while they had my gelding to start.  The emails, messages, photos along the way were all very clear and much appreciated. Seven months down the track they've both still been open to helping me with my issues. The added bonus of clinics in Central Otago is fantastic.  Both Scott and Michaela felt like friends by the end of my horse’s training.  He came back looking great too, well looked after!!!!  I could not fault this duo team even if I tried.”​ R Armishaw 

"My friend and I have just had both of our young Erewhon horses started under saddle by Scott and I would really like to recommend Scott’s work to anyone who needs there young horse started under saddle, handled when still very young or problems sorted out at any age.  Our two were at the Facility for 5 weeks and we were able to pop in every week to see Scott work with them. I can highly recommend that, as I learned so incredibly much in those sessions. Scott is great teacher to the horse, but certainly also to the human and he’s most happy to explain everything he does. The horses were very well cared for, got the weekends off to dwell on things and Michaela sent great weekly reports of what the boys were up to and how they were progressing.  Both boys are very safe to ride, cause they yield to everything you ask of them. I could not have asked for anything more than how these boys were given back to us after the starting process.  We are now set up for a great future of enjoying our horses, who understand how to behave around and under us humans. A big thank you to both Scott and Michaela for the wonderful start you have given our “babies” from Erewhon station.  We are very lucky owners, for sure!”​ K Bos 

"My young Poppy was started by Scott in October.  Scott was a wonderful teacher to not only Poppy but myself.  His calm, relatable and easy-going nature was fantastic.  Being 6 hours away was not a problem and I was able to go and visit whenever I wanted.  Scott always explained himself very clearly and he made sure that I understood what he was working on with Poppy and why.  Poppy had an excellent start with him and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who was starting a horse.  What made the experience even better was Michaela and all the updates and correspondence she provided.  They are a professional team who provide outstanding service and support and I could not be happier."  P Ford 


"Scott you’ve done such an amazing job starting Odin under saddle for us!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with both you and Michaela.  You’re such a fabulous teacher with the way you explain things in a very calm and safe environment and Michaela with your super organisational skills! You’ve both been a real pleasure to work with - going over and above our expectations and we are so grateful for the exceptional start you’ve given Odin.  Looking forward to the continuing education through the clinics with him now."  
S Woodward 

"I sent my youngster to Scott to be started under saddle, he has done an exceptional job at installing all the right buttons and gear for me to continue with, he explains things thoroughly and helps you with anything you’re stuck with, and makes sure you are a happy combination before setting you free and going back home.  Scott, you’ve set me up with a great horse, I cannot thank you enough for the job you’ve done with us both after the last four days and the last few weeks on Red.  Our adventure is just beginning now." 
L Crutchley