Dam:        Georgy (Clyde X Gisbornebred)

Sire:         Erewhon Mike (Clyde X TB)

DOB:        12.11.2019

Height:    16hh

Colour:    Dark Bay/Brown

Sex:         Gelding



We purchased Ollie from Erewhon Station in their 2020 Crossbred Foal Sale as a future riding horse for Michaela.  Ollie arrived on 6 May 2020 as an unhandled weanling directly from Erewhon Station along with five other weanlings who also came to us for handling before going to their new owners/homes.  Scott took him through our handling program where he was taught to be caught and haltered, be touched all over, pick up all his feet, lead, tie up, wear a cover, be sent on a circle/back up and move sideways, and load on/off the float (10 days in total).




June 2020: Having completed our Handling Program Ollie is now set up and doing everything he needs to until he is ready to be started undersaddle (which we plan to do between age 2-2.5 before then turning him out and bringing him back in as a 3-3.5 year old).  Over the next few months we will continue to touch on what he's already learnt through the Handling Program to keep things on track and will also expand on this by taking him for trips in the float, putting a small saddle on him to get him used to wearing a girth, giving him a full-body wash once the weather allows and, most of all, spending time with him while maintaining good manners!  Michaela is also going to participate in our upcoming Groundwork Clinic on 20 June 2020 with him. 

July 2020: We have finally completed a short video of Ollie's handling from 'start-to-finish' - from his arrival when he was completely unhandled to 10 days later (Click Here for video).

September 2020: We have continued to work on the basic groundwork with Ollie that was covered in his first 10 days of handling to keep him on track.  In addition to this, we have also put boots on him and put a small pony saddle on him so he gets used to the feel of a girth so that saddling him when it comes time to start him undersaddle won't be an issue whatsoever!  Ollie has also been floated down to the river (Click Here for video) and has participated in a couple of our Groundwork Clinics which he's taken in his stride!  We are very, very pleased with this special boy and can't wait to keep building on his foundation.