Scott grew up in Canterbury, New Zealand, and has always had a love for horses.  He has been running his successful business starting horses under saddle and running educational clinics throughout New Zealand for more than 15 years.  Michaela runs the administration side of the business; arranging clinics, taking bookings and responding to all email enquiries. 


In 2015 Scott and Michaela relocated from Canterbury to Central Otago for five months and then moved further south again to Southland/Glenaray Station which became home for two years.  They also welcomed their son, Liam, who was born in August 2016.   Glenaray is such a spectacular part of the country which they were very fortunate to live in and experience.  Scott, Michaela and Liam returned to Canterbury at the end of April in 2018



In his early twenties Scott travelled to Europe and it was here that he had an opportunity to spend two years working with David Stuart, an Australian based horseman, which accelerated his learning and first exposed him to starting young horses under saddle.  It was here that Scott decided he wanted to turn his hobby and passion into a career.


The following four years he spent studying horsemanship in Europe alongside some very knowledgeable horsemen.  Scott has since also taken up the fantastic opportunities to learn from Buck Brannaman at his Clinics over the past six years, Dave Weaver (co-founder of the Californios), Martin Black and now also hosts David Stuart in New Zealand for Clinics.  Buck, Dave, Martin and David are horsemen who Scott immensely admires and a lot of Scott's handling of horses is influenced by their way of working with horses.


Through the time spent with various horsemen and Scott’s own experience working with all kinds of horses he has developed his own unique style and way of working with horses.  When working with and starting horses under saddle Scott takes into account the horses need for self-preservation and their need to feel safe, comfortable and confident with their surroundings by giving the horse a good deal – being fair and consistent.  Scott sets things up for the horse to succeed by giving them the leadership they need so they can accomplish what is being asked and not be punished when they are confused or frightened.

Scott also has a passion for vaquero style horsemanship and dressage - the principles of good horsemanship tie in extremely well with all disciplines.  He is always looking to improve and expand on his knowledge, understanding and skills. 




Michaela grew up in the Motueka/Nelson area and moved to Canterbury in around 2005.  She has been riding horses since the age of seven.  She has successfully competed in a number of equine disciplines including pony club, one-day events, endurance riding and showing both in-hand and under saddle.  She was introduced to horsemanship when Scott started a young horse for her in 2010.


Michaela works full-time as a Legal Assistant in central Christchurch and in addition to this she runs the administration side of the business responding to email enquiries, organising Clinics and taking bookings.

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